Thursday, March 19, 2009

will you marry me?

photograph by Walter Bibikow/Taxi/Getty Images
(click on pic to enlarge - this is the scenery i admired yesterday while sipping my extra-large coffee : 16 rands = 1,21€)
Cape Town's waterfront occupies a scenic strip of land between the Atlantic Ocean and the sandstone heights of Table Mountain, known in Afrikaans as Tafelberg, so says the National Geographic.

Here are a few things i learned today :
Tiaan* told me about the beaches where i should go to, but not alone (alone, I’d take the risk of being robbed or even… killed**) ; i can open a bank account quite easily*** ; i can write a daily chronicle in a mainstream South-African newspaper (he'll ask his aunt - i'll keep you updated) ; i can write a review on the wine route, providing you accommodate me (i'm not very demanding; one night in your luxury lodge will do - thank you Mark) ; he wishes he could accommodate me but he's only managing the luxury lodge, he can't do anything as far as freebies ar concerned ... well, it's the thought that counts, isn't it?

P.S. Do you think I should ask the mayor's office for help? I found their e-mail address somewhere...
P.S.2 What happened to David anyway? No news is good news they say. Or am I being too naive? I think i'm a bit of a romantic. And don't say i'm trying to find a husband here! Oh, didn't you know that here, in South-Africa, they're a bit more progressive than the French? Gay people can get married. BUT I'm not marrying anyone (yet). I don't need a husband, i have my teddy bear for cuddling, thank you.

*Tiaan agreed on my using his real name (he didn't sign any contract, mind you)
**wow, i didn't disparear to get killed on a South-African beach, did i?
***where will my money go if i get killed?


NanouB973 said...

Very interesting ! if your all story's true ! Good luck.

missing voyage said...

thank you Nanou
yes, everything i'm writing is true
tiens, je vais aller me promener chez toi :o)
à bientôt

MA GUYANE said...

merci de ta visite et alors chapeau j'aime les gens pas communs et qui "ose" bouger partir "essayer de faire autre chose" !
so one more time GOOD LUCK !

Lena26 said...

Oui, te disperse pas, tu n'es pas là-bas pour te marier (quoi que si l'on peut joindre l'utile à l'agréable...).

Cuddling, c'est pas cochon, non ? ;-)

missing voyage said...

cuddle c'est des câlins :o)

optimistique10 said...

Well done mate.

I just want to congratulate you for your decision, In Brazil we say, that we are Born alone also die alone: meaning that even though sometimes we need to make decisions that seems hard or strange to others, it is a evolving process..It is a soul's calling.

And you were right to listen to that inner voice... You will be a better man after that, just do not take things so serious( or take the world on your shoulder like Atlas did, after all our mind is like a Guitar, if its is pulled too hard, its break...
My Best thought are with you..Like reading your Blog...
Pity I can not help you here in London...