Monday, March 23, 2009

me and the police

That was the most insane thing I had ever done in my whole life. It is like kidnapping oneself. That’s how I felt when I called the police. Three days had passed since I disappeared and the police was looking for me. My best friend launched this avis de recherche, a search warrant. How did I know that? I called Victor because I needed help. Victor and his boyfriend Louis are the only persons to know that I’m in South-Africa. In a way, they aided me, providing me with accommodation for a week, feeding me, supporting me. Victor advised me to call the police and tell them I was all right. I had a long talk with Karine, sweet voice, a weird but comforting conversation. She thanked me for calling them. I told her that I was incapable of speaking to any of my relatives or I’d crash. That I had to get away. Try and have another life. It’s a good thing you called, she said, because you wouldn’t have been able to go very far. People were worried. We needed to interrogate you. You would have missed your plane. Oh, then you know I’ll be flying. Yes we do. We saw you. But now don’t worry, we won’t prevent you from travelling. Good luck, she said and she hung up.

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