Saturday, March 21, 2009


stop telling me it's dangerous to go here and there
day or night
or i'll carry a butcher knife
with me !
will i get arrested if they ever find this on me ?
i'd rather be safe than dead
and don't tell me i'm crazy, i already know that...


Patrick J. F. said...

Oui Patrick c'est mon is fine with me my Dear Thomas can call me Patrick on your blog..mentioning our "Lunch meeting" made me smile, now I am famous, at last..oh btw I have not found "proper mistakes" after reading your new you stumble grammatically on the way, don't worry I will help you stand up..grin..

missing voyage said...

thank YOU Patrick
back online, and no, the sharks haven't eaten me
yes, i saw a few
i went cage diving the other day and it was WONDERFUL !!!
see you soon