Wednesday, March 18, 2009

real people

Appear or disappear? That is the question.
How can one want one thing and the other... well, I didn't tell I didn't have contradictions.
On the contrary.
Quite rapidly after I decided I'd vanish, I realized that I had to do something with it. Not only because I need to write and share my story, but because I need help, accomodation and all. I need this to become visible, not me but "this"... I quit my job, remember? When you happen to know me, you'll learn that I'm the ambitious type of guy. And maybe, maybe, writing this and becoming famous and earning a life with it, can help me redeem myself. Am I crazy? Well, in a way, yes... and this crazyness is keeping me alive.
So... a few days after I disappeared, I contacted an artist I knew in Paris. When I told him what I wanted to do, he was both speechless and inspired. And so we began working together. He took hundreds of pictures of me. He dreamt of my voyage and made a wonderful job, really! I didn't recognize myself... that is a good sign, I'm telling you. I invited him on my "missing voyage". I told him: we can't do an exhibition in Paris. Let's do it in Cape Town. Again, mouth open, he says, yes. It could be a whole project : my writing, my experiences, your photography, the people I met.
Why don't I give away the name of that artist?
Because I'm working on phase 1 now.
And with his photography, people will recognize me. I mean, people who know me.
I used to have a blog that was very well-read. The hundreds of people who will read this blog when I decide to publish some of this artist work will be surprised: god, is that him? what got into his mind?
My project is to write my trip, to translate it into French, to make it a book, to contact the press and all (I know how to do it, trust me... I did that in my former life... but, er... that's another story). Hence the sponsor part.
Why sponsors and/or donors?
Have a guess...
Remember the last posts?
I left France with not much money. And to be honest, I'm way into the red. My return ticket is in 3 months. How much is there in my wallet? Less than 1,000€ You can't live 3 months with this, I'm telling you.
What's sponsoring?
Accomodate me for 1 night or a week; invite me for lunch or dinner (I'll buy you a drink ^^); give me a small office for a reasonable amount of time, internet access; show me around...
What do you get? The visibility I get is your visibility. I can post a link, a logo, a review of your air company, your guest house, your restaurant. As for donating? Ask your dictionnary.
Next biggest trip: Australia. Don't look at me like that! I know I can make it! You know, in my former life, I have made some of my craziest dreams come true.
But that's another story...

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