Saturday, May 30, 2009

to sum up my evaporation… and Port Nolloth too…

on the N7, 750km separate Cape Town from Port Nolloth ~ vastness

I have been contemplating the ocean for a week, I just can’t produce the article that will evoke my stay in Port Nolloth, small port town located 144km north-west of Springbok. Therefore I will just publish a few pictures I’ve taken and thank Tilly for the“sponsored” article.

every night, I am blessed with a sunset, from the room in the lovely guest-house in Port Nolloth, Northern Cape - @ BedRock Lodge

You can have a look at Tilly's other contributions, and especially her court report on a case I had modestly relayed on my former blog : the case involving the filmaker Pierre Etaix and an unscrupulous production company. [for the English-speaking readers, see the full english press file HERE

still from my window, boats "fishing" for diamonds.

For the average reader who ends up here, Tilly wrote a chronicle on my "evaporation" (in French though…) : you can read it here. Even though I keep telling myself a birthday is like any other day, I am touched par the various attentions : the phone call from my parents, the breakfast in bed, the birthday cake baked by Cassie, a friend of Fred’s, the guest-house manager; the “happy birthday” chorus sung by the maids, etc. I am telling you, I won’t forget my 36th birthday*. To Tilly who wrote about me reaching thirty something, I will answer that my "evaporation" was probably the result of a huge and early mid-life crisis.

* and if I had the choice, would I do it all over again ? Non, I wouldn’t**. Yes, I have regrets. It is commonly wise to claim : I don’t have regrets, at all ! It is a lot easier to say than to do.
** with ifs…

one can admire the Wall of Expression ~ the name in mosaïque are the names of locals, contemporary people in general ~ those kids can read for instance the name of a diver, a miner, a grand-parent, a neighbour

local craftsmen learn how to do mosaïque ; it is a very long and patient work to accomplish the decoration of a wall that is winding on kilometers and separating the gigantic real estate project named Kai-Kai from the people living on the other side; a good way of making the whole project sound acceptable for the authorities… but you’ll say that I’m being too suspicious… (am I?)

I have picked up waste near the wall

Port Nolloth stadium

the (in)famous real estate project where one can make out the Wall of Expression and the 150 future villas

more basic houses, in the Black area ~ still today, people don’t really mix up : the Blacks live on one side, the Coloured live on another side, the White live on another side… and they get on relatively well. But poverty strikes everyone.

just outside Port Nolloth, a fascinating semi-arid landscape

Ninety four pictures can be seen by clicking on the flickr logo, on top of the right hand column. Or here. I am sorting out the next hundred and I will let you know when they are ready and published.


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Thank you for your post. Came to visit from Robyn's post about mosaics.

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nice read. I would love to follow you on twitter.