Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a squirrel in Cape Town

Since I am bored stiff*, I’m entering Virginie’s "wildlife" photography contest. Here is my entry, yesterday @ Company Gardens (Cape Town, South Africa) where I was busy talking with mister squirrel who offered to collect acorns for my overdraft !

- What do you mean, I can’t say I am bored stiff ?
- Come on ! You can’t get bored in such a beautiful city !
- I am not just bored, I am bored stiff !

But fortunately, I am going to get rid of that boredom next week. I was invited to stay for a few days, free of charge, in one of the cottages my host, Frederic, is managing. Here is the website where you can admire my next stopover : http://www.bedrocklodge.co.za/index.html, 700km north of Cape Town on the western coast.

* whoever hasn’t read or written a blog while at work can cast the first stone.


choupichat said...

Ca me fait plaisir de lire de l'anglais avec toi, merci !!!

missing voyage said...

@ choupichat
fais-toi plaisir donc, y a quelques articles en stock :o)